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Established in the mid 2010s, Tic Tac Tutors offers professional, personal, and high quality tutoring services at affordable rates. I found that many students were not getting the assistance they required from their schooling to truly understand and excel academically. That led me on the journey of creating this business. When I tutored my first student, I became abundantly aware that they needed instruction in a unique and specific way.  As the business expanded, I kept in mind that each student requires different needs and that everyone has their own goals academically. As part of our vision, I integrate the students’ needs with the parents’ expectations to ensure that the student succeeds and thrives. 

To meet every person’s needs, I offer many different tutoring formats. These include one-on-one in-person or online sessions, and small group in-person or online lessons. Whatever the needs of the student may be, I aim to reach and surpass them. 

I provide free consultations where we determine the best approach in meeting the student’s needs.


– Oliver


Owner and Tutor

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  • Began tutoring in high school
  • Completed Bachelor’s of Science at the University Toronto
  • 8+ Years experience tutoring
  • ESL Experience
  • Subjects: English, Mathematics, French, Social Sciences, and Sciences from Grades K-12. 

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I was provided an excellent tutor that knew the content inside and out. Oliver has helped me overcome hurdles of grade 11 and 12 Sciences, Mathematics, and English. The confidence and knowledge I have gained from his help that will benefit me for years to come.


I am delighted to provide this testimonial for our great math tutor, Oliver, who has been working with my two children over the past five years. Under his guidance, my kids have not only excelled in math but have also developed a genuine passion for the subject. His ability to tailor his teaching to each child’s unique learning stale and simplify intricate concepts is truly praiseworthy. We are immensely grateful for the positive influence he has had on our children’s academic journey.